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Does Konz Go To The Center Position?

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I really hope it is Konz who takes the reigns of center. He was the best center in college and i believe returning him to his natural position will blossom into a good to great center. Keep Hawley as a backup. But we should hire McClure as a coaching assistant so he can still be able to get that ring this year

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If it works like I THINK it will work then I see the lineup being at the start of camp.

Baker, Blalock, Hawley, Konz, Clabo... That will be at the start.

But I think the lineup is going to be tinkered with with Konz taking center rep, Johnson and Reynolds also getting guard reps ( possibly at each spot). With Johsnon geting osome Center work in aswell.

I think it is pretty safe to pencil in Baker. Blalock and Clabo as 3 set starters with Konz nearly a lock to start... it is just a matter of where he does.

When I make it up to training camp that is the one battle I am going to focus on the most.

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The way I see it, Konz is 100 percent our starting center barring an ACL tear or possession of methamphetamine.

Definitely. Konz will be the starting center. Hawley is a good swing guy - he can play mulitple spots and is a good backup/rotational guy. Konz struggled at G, and is better suited at C.

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i dont recall ever seeing anything from the coaches stating that Konz is moving to OC. I know it makes sense, which is why the talking heads are assuming it, but nothing official has been said.

I just know TD said he saw Konz as a OG prospect in the NFL because of his ability to pull on running plays and get to the 2nd level.

which is better:

Konz (OC), Reynolds (RG)


Hawley (OC), Konz (RG)

(I am personally still crossing my fingers for Konz (OC) Johnson (RG)....i want him to be the RG he was hoped to be coming into the NFL. I was stoked when we got hm, not sure what happened besides injury.

Back to the original 3, if we want strength I think Hawley is the strongest of the bunch. I think Konz and Reynolds are both tall with limited upper body power, but are good pass blockers.

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