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Blank On Mcclure.


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Todd McClure retires, to get spot among Falcons' best

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By Chris Wesseling

Published: March 25, 2013 at 9:28 AM

Modified: March 25, 2013 at 10:52 AM

After 194 starts in 13 seasons with the Atlanta Falcons, center Todd McClure is retiring from the NFL.

A seventh-round pick back in 1999, the under-sized McClure was tutored by zone-blocking guru Alex Gibbs. Across the coaching staffs of Dan Reeves, Jim Mora, Bobby Petrino and Mike Smith, McClure constantly fought off competition to keep his job, breaking Keith Brooking's franchise record for consecutive starts.

The Falcons gave the 36-year-old a proper sendoff Monday, holding a retirement press conference.

"You deserve to be in that Ring of Honor," owner Arthur Blank said, "and we will get you there as soon as we can."

Last year's second-round draft, Peter Konz, is expected to take over the pivot after struggling in 12 starts at right guard in his rookie season. The Falcons are counting on Konz to improve as he gains strength and moves back to his natural position.

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Not that its any surprise I just thought it was nice of Blank to say. The man deserves to be up in those rafters.

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Congratulations Todd McClure for making the Ring of Honor!

Many of my friends, including Cappy, are going to be thrilled to hear this!!!

I couldn't be happier for him!!!

Dang straight he deserves it. After all the blame he took for years for the shortcomings of some of the players around him that never achieved the level of success he did over a career, McClure not only endured, he came out on top.

His name will now hang over the heads of many Falcon season holders for decades to come.

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He deserves it... NO question.

He has been one of the single most underrated linemen in the league ( even by some of our own fans) for a long long time.

It is hard toenvision a guy being in one place for 13 years, while playing through FIVE head coaches

(Reeves,Mora, Pigtreno, Thomas, and now Smitty)

Sever al different line coaches, several different schemes, 8 different starting QBS... and many guys signed/drafted to take his spot. Yet he remained a starter till the end,

Pretty freaking awesome in this day and age

Kudos to Mud Duck!

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