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Yeah, almost every guy's wife could be considered their "manager", so it makes sense that she is. Abe's manager is his sister. But she was never his agent. That rumor has floated around since Miko came to light...

I was gonna say that. I think most cases. The women are the brains and the guy is the brawns. If someone needs to take the trash out. The guy will do it. If you need to know how much the trash service cost per month, dont ask the guy. Ask her.

But the way people wanna bring Miko into everything Grimes rlated. Its easy to see why it gets confusing.

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Lol... Go watch greg Olsen raping our lbing corps last season. When he got tired of busting us open, he passed us along to Seattle and sf. You either haven't been paying close enough attention or just don't know what to look for when watching a lb do their job.

There were numerous occasions last season that our lbers struggled in coverage, spoon included.

I don't care if they struggled against pocket passers or read option qb. At the end of the day, we have to limit the opposing team. Considering the amount of option qbs we face from here on out, we better make dam sure we get a true sideline to sideline lb that can cover.

No sense in pretending that the Seattle and sf games were isolated incidents of our lbers looking silly.

That's why I am starting to think there is more and more of a possibility that we are seriously looking for a way to get Alec Ogletree. He used to play safety and he has coverage skills. Not a great tackler, but he can definitely run with TE's. I'm seeing this scenario as more and more of a possibility.

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Knew and new have entirely different meanings.

I think you meant knew. New would be used like, I learned a new word today, and that new word is knew.

Knew would be used like. .. I thought I knew the difference between the words knew and new, but I didn't. Know that I learned the new word knew, I can learn some new words.

Easy enough huh?

I'll try to remember that....
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