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I know cj has had his issues and is old (I didnt realize he was 35 when I posted this) but he was once a GREAT wr and could, at minimum , add much needed depth to the wr position for cheap. Andre Johnson was campaigning for chad to come to the texans and it got me to thinking

He hasn't even been decent since the Bengals and not even his last years in the Bengals. I mean he has been nothing but hype for a long time.

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Every offseason we have a sign Ocho Cinco thread and a sign Terrell Owens thread and every offseason we have to tell the idiots that start these threads that it's stupid and would never happen.

Im defiently no idiot. CJ was a very good WR. He had a down year last year but he could still be very effective and most importantly...CHEAP.

At the very least he could add some much needed WR depth. If JJ or RW go down, I would feel alot more comfortable with CJ stepping up then any of the current guys on the roster.

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