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If we dont sign Grimes, the only worthwhile FA options are Aso,Joselio Hanson,W Middleton,A.Winfield,Sheldon Brown, and D hall. All of these guys minus Middleton and Hall are 32 or older. I would like to add Middleton and draft one

Antoine Cason is still available. He is only 26 and has been a very good corner for the Chargers.

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Does anyone think McClain can handle the outside spot next year? I think he showed flashes

I think Owens could handle it if we somehow upgrade the pass rush in a big way, and if we're looking for someone cheap.

If we want to put McClain outside, Joselio Hansen, Jacob Lacey, or Kyle Arrington would be nice to play the nickel.

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Who do we have right now at CB? Assante, McClain, and Franks? Is that it? I mean, really, you need to carry at least 5, and 3 of them should be potential starters. I wouldn't call Franks a starter by any stretch, and Assante ain't no spring chicken.

I think the loss of Owens, Walker, and Svitek is beginning to impact us just as much as the loss of Abe, Dunta, and MT. It's taken us YEARS to build solid depth. We gotta quit letting it slip away so easy.

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