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Jaskson 3 Yrs 12 Million 4 Guaranteed

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FREAKING AWESOME DEAL. People that think we don't have money to help our defense in FA are crazy. Watch.

TD is the MAN!!!

Here is what people do not understand.... there isa HUGE difference between not having money and not wanting to spend money.

we have a good bit more than people think we are just being wise with it.

And it paid off with Samuel, and it paid off with Jackson.

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D. Orlando Ledbetter @AJCFalcons

#Falcons agree to 3-year deal with Steven Jackson. Deal is worth $12 million, $4 million guaranteed.

I don't quite understand why Tony can't also take this deal ($3-4 mil for the year) if his true motivation is to come back for a ring.

The extra 3-4 mil saved could mean we can bring back Grimes AND Abe instead of choosing, or we could have had a legit shot at Sean Smith, Cliff Avril, etc.

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It was never about the money or else he wouldn't have voided his $7 mill with STL knowing he wouldn't get that kind of money from anyone else. Had he not voided his contract and STL attempted to trade him, I'll make a wild assumption that the new team would have signed him based on working out a new deal anyway.

With that being said, great signing. The offensive skill positions are now complete.

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