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Volunteer Falcon

Tennessee Thread

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Next year is Tennessee's year to win the East. Their last 5 games are not bad and their OOC is good enough to make people raise an eyebrow but I don't think any of those teams are good enough to beat Tennessee. I can't see A&M beating Tennessee either next year. I'm starting to wonder if Sumlin is the guy for them. I'll be surprised if Tennessee doesn't beat Florida next year. They had it won this year and then yeah.

If Tennessee can win in Athens I don't see anyway they don't make it to Atlanta. Heck, they could even beat Alabama next year. I thought Tennessee had that game won when they went up late in the 4th last year.

I wish I could say we will beat Florida next year but I won't believe it until the clock hits 0:00. I may not even believe it then, it may take an hour after or so. I'm sure we could find a way to lose to them with no time on the clock.

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Crappy part of recruiting, but there were several factors at play in this and you're only seeing one side. I hate it for the kid but it goes both ways in recruiting. The scholarship should of probably never been offered and it will look bad PR wise. Edited by Volunteer Falcon

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This isn't the first time that Butch has pulled an offer. So VolFan what's the deal with Marquez North? Academics?

He's been hurt basically his entire career, just trying to get some time in the league before he has to hang it up. Also, Hart was offered a blue shirt, the scholarship was not pulled completely. Edited by Volunteer Falcon

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11 hours ago, Pollack4Heisman said:

VF, what's the deal with Kongbo not sending in his LOI??

According to Kongbo his father has been out of town and will be signing when he returns, not to concerned about it yet. And he just tweeted out something about winning championships at Tennessee so we'll see. 


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