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I Will Probably Get Baned...


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I got banned earlier in the year cause I was critical of Ryan. I am a Falcon Fan For Life. Section 123 for 7 years, watching since 1977. Never miss a home game; watch every away game. Already renewed for 2013. So moderators, I am not a Matt fan. I am not a Ryan Fan. Nor do I want Vick back...

I have tickets in section 123 FOR MY BELOVED Falcons and I should have the right to voice my opinion ON AN OPINION BOARD!!!

I am not a Matt Ryan Fan !!!!

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Guest Fibonacci/Mashburn

You were not a season ticket holder back then. Liar.

I asked you if you could tell me and post a picture within 48 hours showing what they used to give season ticket holders back then.

Wanna try for the third tine again?

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So how someone is not a fan of a QB who has brought us this much success. I dunno.

From what I can tell its usually one of two things.

1) They don't like his style of play. They prefer Vick / RG3 ( see Mr Right ) or 2) They have already become spoiled and in turn have become inpatient and think since we are winning now since 08'. Think we should already have 2 Superbowl titles.

Both are ridiculous.

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Sure voice it all you want. Just remember the things you say can get you banned. It sounds like the Falcons would be much better off without fans like you. So you may want to rethink you season ticket purchase.

So what has you so bent on your hatred of Matt Ryan anyway? Did he not wave at you? Should he throw 5 TDs a game for you? Does he drink too much? I know I bet he wont toss the ball to you in the stands.

Here is the bottom line if you dont support the players on the team than you dont support the team.

I dont care for Stephen Nicholas I will support him while he is here. I think he could be ok as a role player. I will try and accept what he does bring to the table. This comes from him not doing his job. He cant cover very well.

I just see nothing in your post that tells us why you dont like Ryan.

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How do you get rid of the guy who has been the qb during our most succesful 5 years in team history, by far?

A guy who most experts have as at least a top ten qb, and a ......what..two time pro bowler?

I respect your right to have your own opinion but I would love to know who we could get that could do close to as good as he has.

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