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Bored Late Night Topic

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Here is the setup, you get to choose this years 1st round pick (be realistic).

Catch is you have to choose between one of these players to sign to a 3 year 30 million dollar fully

guaranteed contract.

Choices are Jamal Anderson, Peria Jerry, and Ray Edwards.

My choice would have to be Peria Jerry, just because I believe he can still have some sort of impact if he ever gets his shayt together.

1st round selection (going safe with this one) Larry Warford, beefs up the interior of our line and drastically improves our run game.

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Guest Negatorris

Why do we have to be realistic about our draft pick, if we're being unrealistic about signing those busts to 10 mil/year contracts? Lol

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We have a the winner for "DUMBEST THREAD OF THE NIGHT".

congrats to "LookAboutFalcon"

Thanks I guess, haven't prepared a speech, would like to thank my grandparents for purchasing this computer back in 02 for allowing me to post such a redonk thread. Also this board for allowing me to signup with no qualifications being required. And myself for thinking this would be a fun thread instead of the regular poppycock topics.
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