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Open Letter To Thomas Dimitroff

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5 consecutive winning seasons and you're crying over one player being cut. Wow.

Even crazier is, they can't even justify keeping the player in the first place. Everything points to it being time to part ways. That's why guys like TD are paid well to do what they do. Even though they know these players personally, they are able to take emotion out of the equation and make business decisions and football decisions that will benefit the team short and long term.

This is just a dumb thread. How can anyone who has put together 5 consecutive winning seasons and a roster full of talent be destroying the team? These guys need to go back to the Henning days, or worse, the Marion Campbell days, and they'll be ready to kiss TD's pope ring!

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Guest Fibonacci/Mashburn

Dear Gritz Go **** ur mom

Who gave this guy ghost peppers to soak his nuts in?

I cause I'm thinking he went anal with it

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