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Flowery Branch Wants The New Stadium


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Guest Fibonacci/Mashburn

I would love for it to be at flowery branch. I mean loveeeee it.

It's so much easier to get to the any place they've mentioned. The area is nice.

And the best part is I could go tailgating on the lake.......what team do you know who can tailgate on the lake.

(well I do know Pittsburgh does since I did it) :D

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Guest Fibonacci/Mashburn

Cool with me I have friends that live out by Flowery Branch already

I'm in Grayson. So it takes me 30 minutes.

I really cannot wait to go tailgate before and after the game

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Guest Fibonacci/Mashburn

It'd be nice but Falcons would probably have to foot the entire bill.

but land would be cheaper. And you do not have to hire so many cops to block traffic. And you don't have to worry about getting it built before a date......cause you can work anytime.

When I was in construction, in Atlanta you could only work from 10 (cause you can't block traffic). Then you have to stop at 11:30 to not block people going to lunch. Then you have to stop at 3:30.

And do many people say.....oh we can work at night. But two things.

1. You have to pay the crew more

2. You have to quit at 9 with load noise. Jack hammer, regular hammer hitting in nails even, they consider to loud

But outside of sky scraper areas it's easier for time to do things. And that means some places who bid on it, greatly take in a deduction for that

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Real estate expense will account for maybe 1% so that is meaningless.

Falcons need to play hard ball with the city of ATL. If the people downtown want to collect hand outs and won't budge then move it north to somewhere near I-285 and wipe your hands of downtown.

There's plenty that I would not miss about going downtown every sunday.

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