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Mock One Falcons Draft


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Here is my mock after Day 3

1st CB Desmond Trufant 6'0 190 lbs Washington

2nd DT Brandon Williams 61 335 lbs Missouri Southern State

3rd OLB Jamie Collins 6'3 245 lbs Southern Mississippi

4th DE Cornelius Washington 6'4 265 lbs Georgia

4th RB Zac Stacy 5'8 216 lbs Vanderbilt

5th OG Eric Herman 6'4 320 lbs Ohio

6th SS Keelan Johnson 6'0 209 lbs Arizona State

7th TE Chris Pantale 6'5 254 lbs Boston College

7th OLB Cameron Lawrence 6'3 230 lbs Mississippi State

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The Vikings destroyed that draft. Beautiful.

Pick Overall Choice Notes

1.23 23 Xavier Rhodes, CB

from Florida State Rhodes is the kind of CB the Vikings like to play on the outside due to his size/physicality and ball skills. He makes a great pairing with Chris Cook as the starting 2. He allows Winfield to play at his (now) most natural spot at nickel CB where Robinson can shadow and help keep Winfield's snap count low. Rhodes also gives the Vikings some leeway when they have to start negotiating a new contract with Cook next year. This move greatly improves the secondary while giving the team leverage at the position in the future.

2.22 52 Justin Hunter, WR

from Tennessee The Vikings need to add weapons on offense and adding Hunter gives them a big one on the outside. He's a physical marvel from his size to his speed. The reason he falls so far is because of a rough season recovering from a knee injury and some mental lapses, but it just means the Vikings get a prospect with some upside without having to spend as much. Matching Hunter with Harvin/Rudolph/Wright is the start to rebuilding the WR corps in Minnesota.

3.16 78 Kiko Alonso, ILB

from Oregon Much like the first two picks, Alonso is a big, athletic football player who fits great with what the Vikings are looking for at the position. He attacks down hill in the run game, but still has the fluidity to move around in coverage. Kiko is big (6'3" 242) but looks like he could add even more weight to his frame. His size and athleticism allow him the diversity of being able to play any LB position for the Vikings, but his best spot is likely on the outside, opposite Greenway in both base D and in nickel.

4.05 99 Aaron Dobson, WR

from Marshall Dobson is another big receiving weapon to add to the arsenal. Like Hunter, he has size (6'3" 210) and speed to beat defenses deep. Dobson does a great job of setting up CBs with his routes and attacking the football while in the air. One of his most impressive traits is how well he can control his body to make the hard catches. He's a big time competitor who helps to continue to rebuild the depth at WR.

5.13 139 Kwame Geathers, DT

from Georgia Geathers is projected as a 3-4 NT, but he has more than enough ability to also play nose in a 4-3 like the Vikings. His wide frame and strength help him eat space and push the LOS backwards. He would be able to jump into the rotation at NT right away, possibly taking the majority of snaps by the time his first season is up.

6.01 159 Ace Sanders, WR

from South Carolina Will Harvin get traded? I'm not 100% sure it will happen, but that doesn't mean he is staying on the roster for more than a year or two either. The Vikings aren't going to simply replace Harvin, but Sanders can handle return duties from day 1 on both KO and Punts and is likely to take his fair share of snaps in the slot when the Vikings decide to spread the D out. Adding Hunter, Dobson, and Sanders gives the Vikings the opportunity to let Simpson, Jenkins, and Armomashadu go and increase the talent level of the offensive weapons by a lot frankly.

6.21 179 Vince Williams, ILB

from Florida State Vince Williams showed up big at the Senior Bowl practices/game. He plays fast downhill and can work through the trash in the middle of the field to track the ball and lay the big hit in the run game. He also has the athleticism to work the middle zone in the Vikings Cover-2 base D.

7.07 197 Jack Doyle, TE

from Western Kentucky Doyle is another big weapon to add to the offense. He's a big receiver at TE who has plenty of experience In-line blocking. He has really good hands and is capable of beating LB/S down the seam. IMO, he's good enough to get snaps from Carlson year one and start over him in a year.

I mean, the draft as a whole will probably have been horribly inaccurate, but this deserved a mention.

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