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Bring..... Him...... Home, T D?

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Teo aint no criminal and what someone does off the field shouldn't matter to anyone as long as that player isn't hurting the team he's on. No one is perfect. Some make repeated mistakes and some turn their life around for the better. All some of these men need is guidance. It won't hurt to have a player with issues every here and there, in fact we have a couple of guys that have had their run ins with the law while being a Falcon. I don't see why people take the time to judge people because we all have screwed up at least once in our lives

My purple less sarcasm was more about the idea that the "filter" is holding the team back.

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Would you rather have Teo or the guy that made him look silly in the championship game..Lacy

Teo. He was a beast in college. If people seriously only grade him on the national championship then you're only kidding yourselves. Reggie Bush was benched most the second half if not the entire second half against the long horns yet still went #2 overall. No one is guaranteed but it's kinda hard to knock him over the national championship when he shined every other time he hit the field
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I for the record would not mind Teo if he is there at 30.

I would not trade up for him but I think he will bea good player in the league.

He is good latteral quickness and is a solid tackler.

People judge him too much off of his terrible terrible game vs Bama.

exactly. People are using the national championship as an excuse to stray away from him, probably because he isn't the DE that everyone wants so bad. The dude is legit. Screw his drama that's for him to deal with, if he can help this team out, I'm all for it
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pretty sure his actions alone didn't cause that blow out. I see it's no point in explaining what I meant by that so I won't waste am the time

Robinson gave up an 80-yard touchdown reception to Broncos receiver Rod Smith, giving the Broncos a 17-3 lead over the Falcons. Later, in the fourth quarter, he missed a tackle on Denver running back Terrel Davis that enabled Davis to break a long run to the Atlanta 10-yard line. The Atlanta Falcons ended up losing the game 34-19.

34 - 7 = ?

19 + 8 = ?

Kind of hard to stay in the game when DEFENSE doesn't keep you in huh? Like so many of the people here are crying for, so please tell me... How would some idiots mistakes during a season/post-season and ruining a run make things better.

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Like I said, what he did the night before isn't what lost that game. Atlanta's high powered offense did absolutely nothing in that game and the defense were no better. If you wanna put on him, be my guest but there were more things that lead to that beat down. It could be that the broncos were just a better team than the falcons that year

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