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Our Secondary

Willy Mo

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we have tons of talent in our secondary. once we dump this clown Dunta, and resign me, we will be able to match up with every passing offense.

alot of people are wondering just what happened with the TE coverage. that wasn't a secondary problem, that was a coaching problem.

our defense played prevent defense throughout most of the passing downs. the prevent defense left our LBs in the flat and the middle of the field wide azz open. Nolan is a great coordinator, but he needs to stop being so dependent on covering the deep ball. TEs ran all over us in the playoffs, because no-one came down and covered them.

once we fix this, we'll be complete.

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dunta isnt that bad hes good in man coverage and could lay the hammer, hope hes willing to restructure and i just hope grimes could stay healthy if we resign him then we will have all the pieces in place and what a great suprise robert mcclain was in the nickel was pretty much shutdown

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