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Anyone Been To Brick Store Pub Or The Porter Beer Bar?


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I go to The Beer Growler regularly and sample many different brews with my tendencies leaning more towards porters and stouts. Looking for somewhere to sit down and have a nice variety to have glass by glass and have some good food.

Do any of you have recommendations as to which one might be better than the other? Not just for the beer, but the food as well as I will be taking the wife and she doesn't care for beer unless its Shipyard Smashed Blueberry Porter, which is outstanding might I add.

What are the atmospheres like in either? Are they often crowded and if so, which times would be better to visit?


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Brick Store is always crowded, but has a fantastic selection (particularly of Belgian beers) and two bars. The one upstairs is a Belgian beer bar, the one down stairs is craft, but you can order anything on the menu from either. From my experience, the bartenders there are very knowledeable and can make great suggestions based on your taste. There are no TVs in there, which is refreshing. The upstairs bar is really unique and feels like a European pub. The food is also very good.

I've only been to the Porter once and enjoyed it as well, but I can't tell you much about it. I absolutely recommend the Brick Store, one of my favorite places in Atlanta, but again, it is always crowded at night, so either get there early, or be prepared to relax at the bar while you wait for a table.

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I've been to both a bunch of times. I live about a mile from Brick Store, and have been going there for years.

The Brick Store is very crowded. There's a downstairs bar that has tons of beer, wine and booze, and the 'Belgian' bar upstairs that specializes in Belgian beers and scotch. Both bars serve food, which is good, but unremarkable. I always go there thinking I'll have a beer or two, and end up staggering home with a $100 debit card receipt crammed into my pocket.

The Porter is not as crowded, and their beer selection isn't as Belgian focused. They don't have the scotch and bourbon selection that Brick Store does, either. Their food is leaps and bounds better than Brick Store, though. Really great eats. The service is a little more chill and down to earth at the Porter since it's not as crowded.

Parking can be a pain in both places. Just pay to park behind Raging Burrito if you go to Brick Store. For the Porter, do the same. What's nice about both of these spots is that there are lots of other options close by for an after dinner drink, etc., and some pleasant window shopping. In Decatur you can go to Leon's, Mac McGee's, Big Tex Cantina, Twain's (who has a new brewmaster) and a few other spots. In Little 5, you can go to Wrecking Bar or the Yacht Club.

They're pretty comparable for good times and cost. Little 5 Points is a little grubbier and old school, while Decatur has become a little more yuppie in recent years. I really like both bars, and would put them both in my top 5 beer bars in Atlanta.

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