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Pre Combine 4 Rnd With Trade Down

turn'em loose

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I think Arizona will want to move up and grab our first round pick. We get there 2nd(38) their 3rd(69) and swap 4ths(100) and we should get a 4th comp pick.


2(38) Giovani Bernard Rb UNC

2(60) Arthur Brown Olb Kansas ST.

3(69) Travis Fedrick G Wisconsin

3(92) Jordan Reed Te Fla.

4(100) Tank Carradine DE FSU / Devin Taylor DE S. Carolina

4(comp) Everett Dawkins DT FSU

If TD could find us a gem Cb in the 5th I think this would be a solid draft and would fill our position needs.

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Not a fan of Bernard at all

You got alot of guys who are probably reaches in your picks

Arthur Brown is projected late 1st early 2nd

Travis Frederick at our pick in the 3rd is a reach

Carradine probably wont make it out of the 2nd if he does he will be gone in the 3rd and definitely not to the end of the 4th

Frederick in the third a reach? If he makes it to the end of the second round and we take him I'll be happy, getting him in the third would be a steal if anything.

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