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Michael Turner's Cap


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Michael Turner - RB - Falcons

Michael Turner is scheduled to count $8.9 million against the 2013 salary cap, while releasing him would free up $6.4 million.

Turner, who turned 31 on Wednesday, is going to get cut. It's just a matter of time. He's lost a step or four as a runner, and the power that he once possessed is no longer there. Turner also doesn't fit the offense, and the money saved could go towards re-signing SS William Moore and LT Sam Baker. The Falcons will surely look long and hard at Ahmad Bradshaw, Steven Jackson, and Eddie Lacy in free agency and the draft.

Source: ESPN.com Feb 14 - 1:31 PM

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I think quite a few people could get cut even some people aren't expecting especially on defense as the much faster way to improve the defense is threw FA and the draft. I'm not sold on 2 or 3 draft picks changing what we already have on defense. That would mean just on defense we'd have to draft two impact pro bowl type players to really improve the defense and impact players like that on defense are much harder to find than on offense and even harder when your picking late in rounds.

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