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Bennett Brothers In Atlanta?


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Braves already did it with the Upton bros.. Bring them home Tommy D? What do you guys think?

The Harbaugh brothers were all the rage leading up to Super Bowl XLVII. If the "Black Unicorn" gets his wish, the Bennett brothers will steal NFL headlines next month.

Impending free agent Martellus Bennett is focusing on re-signing with the New York Giants. Should that fall through, however, he has designs on joining brother Michael in a package deal.

While the more colorful Matellus has a higher national profile, Michael is sure to be the bigger draw in free agency.

Originally undrafted out of Texas A&M, Michael has proved to be one of the league's premier defensive ends by following up a breakout 2011 season with even stronger campaign in 2012. He was not only a key cog in the NFL's No. 1 run defense, but also finished third among 4-3 ends in Pro Football Focus' QB hurries metric.

Martellus should draw plenty of interest in his own right. Considering the questionable health of Fred Davis and the blocking concerns surrounding Jared Cook and Dustin Keller, Bennett is the top all-around tight end on the market.

It's hard to imagine the Giants shelling out megabucks for a defensive end, but Martellus could fill the tight-end vacancy in Tampa Bay if the Buccaneers meet Michael's price. The Atlanta Falcons and Miami Dolphins could also be fits for the Bennett brothers.


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It will be tough to get anybody from Tampa. They are well under the cap, and this year you have to spend 89% of the cap. I look for them to be the biggest competition for Grimes also.

I think we will try to resign Grimes at a reasonable rate. I don't think he will command a lot of money, but a team like Tampa knows him well, and may try to outbid us, and probably won't take much to do so.

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