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Seya Mcclure


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NFL draft insider Tony Pauline "hears" that the Falcons plan to move Peter Konz to center in 2013, replacing free agent Todd McClure.

McClure is 36 years old, and it sounds like he's played his final down in Atlanta. Konz, the 55th overall pick in last year's draft, made 12 starts as a rookie right guard, including both playoff games. He was a liability as both a run and pass blocker, but the Falcons believe he will thrive at center.

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Source: TFY Draft Insider Feb 14 - 9:39 AM

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it would be nice for Falcons to verify this so we as fans can mock RG into our drafts knowing Konz is definately not going to be the RG. biggrin.png

Reynolds at RG wouldnt surprise me for next season honestly. Just too bad MIke Johnson didnt grab the spot. I guess I dont get why he didnt get a run at the RG spot but yet they look at him as a RT spot, which traditionally should require more ability.

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Think this is the year that they finally have a replacement for him. He probably retires and the Falcons keep his number on speed dial if something happens to Konz.

I hope not. I hope McClure is able to make a clean retirement and the Falcons show him the respect he deserves, which is considerable.

I hope they don't bring him into camp and cut him. That would suck. Just tell him now if they are moving on so they can throw him a big azz retirement party.

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They keep 5 starters plus 1 C/G and 1 OT active on game day

What do you do if a OG gets hurt? ----- for the rest of that game---

Bring in Hawley at OG??? really ??

or move Konz to OG and bring in Hawley at C?

or bring in the OT at OG

or move Clabo to OG and bring in the OT at Ot

play games with all the names and see if you like any of it!

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I agree Peyton. Over the years of MANY poor and underperforming OLman, McClure was basically the only guy who could be reliable (and underrated) every single season. And he never griped for more cash to stay.

Actually, he did, but he saw the reality of the situation pretty quickly.


The rest of what you say is more or less on point - McClure deserves our respect and gratitude. I believe the Falcons will see things the same way.


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According to Cappy, they've been saying this every year since 2001 ph34r.png

Well bro we've been trying to cut Mud Duck for a decade now. Through three regimes.

This could finally be the year.

From what I've seen from Konz and Hawley so far? Maybe not.

Hopefully so.

I mean Dimi drafted two centers to replace him.

Somebody needs to rise right?

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