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Maoris Midweek Mockar


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  • Mike Peterson
  • Todd McClure
  • Gonzo


  • Turner
  • Robinson


  • Moore
  • Baker
  • McClain
  • Owens
  • Walker


  • DT- Glenn Dorsey
  • OLB- Daryl Smith
  • TE- Brandon Myers


1st- Trade 1st round pick(30) to the Arizona Cardinals for 2nd round pick(38) and 4th round pick(102) (THANKS TORRIS FOR THIS TRADE YO)

2nd DE Alex Okafor

2nd OLB Khaseem Greene

3rd DT Brandon WIlliams

4th CB Robert Alford

4th G Brian Waters

4th RB Stepfan Taylor

5th WR Ace Sanders

6th onwards BPA

I Believe we need one of one your interior linemen to step up. Hawley and Konz will do fine at C and RG and Brian winters will offer competition along with mike johnson.

The Draft and free agency addresses alot of the issues we have on Defence and helps us get younger all around the field.

Thoughts would be much appreciated

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Pretty high on all those players in the draft, was going off CBS ratings, What about the FA acquisitions? Even if those players don't fall which I think they will (bar Alford) I think we could pick BPA at the position providing it hasnt been raped and pillaged and the player is a absolute reach

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