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Legarrette Blount


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I know, I know, get your flame throwers ready ...but look, if we can not get Lacy, why not sign him to a cheap deal as a stop gap till we can find our feature back, I hate RBBC approach, but Quizz, Blount, Snelling, and maybe a 6th 7th round rook to throw in the mix to compete with Smith, then we go all defense rounds 1-4 . Blount is a guy who can actually move a pile on 4th and a half yard and does his best running between the tackles , while Quizz is better off the edge and in space .....next year we find a feature back ....just a thought ....

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Zero threat in the passing game as a receiver and was horrible in pass protection. The Bucs had to go away from him because every time he was on the field they were basically announcing their intention to run.

Tough runner when he gets going downhill, but too much of a liability everywhere else. And he seems to fight teammates wherever he goes.

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I see Falcon getting away from the #1 back being like Michael Turner/TJ Duckkett/Leveon Bell/LaGarrette Blount.

Falcons are looking for guys with more explosion and ability to be versatile in passing game as a receiver.

No, Quizz and Snelling would both be #1s ...Blount would be in the mix ,insurance short yardage and goal line back ...next year we get our feature ....but I'm checking out of this thread ....I feel kind of creepy for posting this ....

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