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Post Your Best 7Th Round Pick


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Easy to find contributers round 1, not so EZ round seven....remeber, Forney and McClure were 7th rounders so these late picks do actually matter ...rack your brain and come up with one seventh round gem, here is mine ....

I like this guy round 7, awesome return man, and a decent CB ....

Dustin Harris PR/CB Texas A&M 6-1 175

This is a guy that once had 162 PR yards in one game, I see no reason he can not be an upgrade from Franks, and not a bad college CB


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Every mock I have checked has this guy slotted for the 5th -7th. If he is there in the 7th, I say snag Joe Kruger OLB/DE from Utah.

6'6" - 6'7"

280 lb.

NFL bloodlines: Younger brother of Paul Kruger. Satisfies the Margus Hunt infatuation without investing a high draft pick.

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Every nick I have checked has this guy spotted for the 5th -7th. If he is there in the 7th, I say snag Joe Kruger OLB/DE for Utah.

6'6" - 6'7"

280 lb.

NFL bloodlines. Younger brother of Paul Kruger. Satisfies the Margus Hunt infatuation without investing a high draft pick.

Fk yea, if hes Pauls bro, got to have some game, looks like he compares to Hunt, great call man !

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Ray-Ray Armstrong - NFL Draft Profile

Position #1:
Strong Safety
Position #2:
Free Safety
6'3 1/4"
Faulkner Eagles
216 lbs.
40 Time:
Current Age:
Draft Year Age:

General Notes

Out for Season: Didn't finish the regular season. Due to injury or personal reasons. Senior Bowl Invite: trans.gif Hasn't accepted an invite to the Senior Bowl. East/West Shrine Invite: trans.gif Hasn't accepted an invite to the East/West Shrine Game. NFL Combine Invite: trans.gif Hasn't accepted an invite to the NFL combine.

Armstrong has had a very interesting off season after being dismissed by Miami university earlier this year. According to his father, he was contacted by 20 schools immediately after he was dismissed. That's when things took a turn for the strange. According to the Miami Herald, Armstrong was in the process of filing an injunction against Miami before ultimately deciding to attempt to restore his draft stock by transferring down to NAIA Faulkner university. A Christian university located in Montgomery, Alabama.

Wore the late Sean Taylor's number at UM and drew comparisons to him because of his similar size and big hitting play style. Decided to return for his Senior year to showcase his abilities after a disappointing 2011 season. Once considered a five star recruit by rivals.com. He has had an overall bumpy career to date. Armstrong has struggled to hold down a starting position since arriving at Miami despite very lofty expectations and comparisons.

He's always had the talent and the measureables. Armstrong has rare size for the position and excellent speed for a man as big as he is. The potential is there. It's just been a matter of focusing it and being productive on the field. Can he consistently put it all together? Will he finally live up to his potential at Faulkner university, after transferring this season?

Name: Real name is Aravious Armstrong.Experience:

  1. Played in 7 games. Missed 5 games due to disciplinary action.
  2. Played in all 13 games.
  3. Played in 10 games.


  1. Second team All-Conference selection.

Known Injuries:

  1. Knee injury. Causing him to miss 3 games.

Disciplinary Action:

  1. Kicked off University of Miami football team on Wednesday, July 18th, 2012.
  2. Was suspended for the first four games after receiving improper benefits. He was also suspended for the Florida St. game for a violation of team rules, after a questionable tweet and was later cleared of any wrong doing.

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Ray-Ray is a good one. I'll say Knile Davis the former Razorback. Before his knee injury the guy was a beast, he's 6'2", 220 lbs has power and speed. This will be his second year back from the injury so he should be at full strength, he's gonna be a steal for someone.

Knile Davis didn't have a knee injury. He broke his ankle......for the third time.

In the last 6 years he's had 3 broken ankles, 2 broken collar bones, and a shredded hamstring.

I think the guy's chances of making it as a feature back in the NFL are very close to nil.

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In the 7th round I would prefer to take a flyer on a project rather than take picking the best college player.

Draft a player with a rare "gift"

Size, speed, strength. If they don't develop then you're only out a 7th rounder.

Kwame Geathers

i dont think geathers will fall that far but how bout a guy like zach line. He was a beast rb at smu but hes projected as a fb in the nfl because of his body type. I say take a flier on him and give him a chance at his natural position. He could be that power back we need and he can catch to.
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Nicholas Williams DT Samford 6-4 310lbs UT4-3 DE3-4

Background: Nicholas will be a 23-year-old NFL rookie for the 2013 season. He was a two-way offensive and defensive lineman at Minor HS (Birmingham, AL). He then redshirted his first season at Samford in 2008. In ’09 and ’10, he primarily served as a backup, but did participate in 18 of 22 regular season games and recorded 12 total tackles.

In ’11, he became a full-time starter and registered 23 total tackles, 3 tackles-for-loss and 2 sacks. Through the first three games of the 2012 season, he has 8 total tackles and 2 sacks. He is a Public Administration major and will graduate in December.

Tapes Viewed: 2011-Auburn, 2012-Furman, West Alabama

Practice Attended: Wednesday, September 12

Summary: Nick is a two-year starter at defensive tackle for Samford. He only played one season of high school football after spending most of his athletic career in basketball. After signing with the Bulldogs, he redshirted the 2008 season and then played as a backup for two years before assuming a starting role in the 2011 season.

Essentially, 2012 is only his third year of legitimate football participation. He has a smooth-muscled frame with an athletic lower body and he carries his 310lbs very well. He has long arms and should be able to add more bulk in the future.

Nick generally aligns as a 3-technique in their 4-3 front and will use a right-handed 3-point stance on the left-side and a 4-point stance on the right-side. He is physically strong and is able to fend off blockers by locking out his arms and widening his base.

He has more strength than explosion, but part of that is because he is so raw. He appears to be more interested in “looking” and trying to recognize plays and schemes rather than cutting it loose and creating havoc. This player handles his body well athletically and is rarely on the ground.

On direct runs, he does tend to catch blocks and uses his natural strength to hold his ground. On runs away, he is agile enough to get down the LOS and seems to run easily in space.

As a pass rusher, he is capable of stunting and looping up front. He has recorded a sack in each of the first two games in 2012 when he was able to come free and pursue the QB in space. He has the tools to improve, but needs to be more violent with his hands and finish when he draws a bead on the QB.

For the NFL, he is a developmental prospect with excellent size, athletic ability and upside potential. He fits as a 4-3 DT or 3-4 DE, but not as a Nose in either scheme.

What the NFL scouts want to see in 2012: For Nick to play with more urgency, show more explosion with his hands, to turn his “flash” plays into more consistent production and to become a dominant force.

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