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Bleacher Report Top 65 Qbs

Flip Wilson

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I saw this while looking at the link from the other thread. It's a very interesting list. It's funny how many backups are ranked higher than a lot of sarters.

This should also add fuel to the Ryan/Flacco debate.

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Matt Ryan #4

Accuracy28/30Matt Ryan (6'4", 217 pounds, five seasons) rarely misses the mark when he sets his feet and delivers the ball, but when he’s pressured, there are too many times when Ryan misses. That’s being very picky, as Ryan is one of the top passers in terms of completion percentage and ball placement. He’s one of the best, but cleaning up some issues under pressure could make him the best.

Arm Strength19/20Has the arm strength to make every throw you’d ask of him. Does a great job pushing the ball deep and letting his receivers run under it. Can struggle a bit when asked to fire the ball deep and to his left—often a problem area for right-handed quarterbacks. Nearly flawless in this area.

Decision Making27/30Ryan has a habit of throwing the ball up late in the play and asking his receiver to make a play on the ball, which too often results in interceptions. He must become more decisive when pressured.

Mechanics15/15A classic, prototypical throwing motion gives Ryan high scores in mechanics. He looks like the statue of a quarterback in the pocket—shoulders squared to feet, ball shoulder level and weight balanced on each leg.

Mobility3/5Not known as a scrambling quarterback, Ryan has average quickness for the position but better-than-average agility. He’s able to slide in and up in the pocket to find passing lanes and can pick up free yards when the defense backs off the line of scrimmage.

Overall92/100Ryan is close to that elite level of quarterback. There’s no doubting his raw talent, and mechanically he’s one of the best in the business, but there are still too many games where his interceptions hurt his team. That’s the biggest area of concern and the reason why Ryan isn’t scored higher.

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good breakdowns.

Matt Ryan critics will squabble about minor details as they will hate the conclusion.

Hatred aside, I would agree Ryan is a top 5 NFL QB. Anyone complaining about him needs to get a grip, it's a blessing to have a real franchise QB that has helped us win so many games over the years he's been here.

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