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Recruits Weigh In On Texas Policy.


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AUSTIN, Texas -- Prior to Sunday, Roderick Bernard (Houston/Sharpstown), one of two Longhorns receiver commits for 2014, had been to Texas' campus a grand total of one time, having visited one of the libraries during a non-football related event.

So when he committed to the program on Jan. 30 after receiving an offer, it was clear he was committing to the Longhorns for the long haul.

That's why he doesn't have a problem with coach Mack Brown's new policy of not having committed players visiting other schools.

"He just gave us the example [at Sunday's junior day] of if you have a wife you need to stay committed to that person and not look at someone else," Bernard said. "For me, this is what I was going to do anyway -- go to Texas."

The guidelines for the new rules didn't reveal much grey area when Brown spoke of them during national signing day on March. 6.

"The thing that we will do is we have allowed the kids to commit and still look around the last couple of years -- we're not doing that anymore," Brown said. "If you are committed to us, be committed. If you're going to go look, we're going to go look."

Simple enough, right? It is to Lorenzo Joe (Abilene, Texas/Cooper), Texas' other receiver commit and the first pledge of the class.

"To me it doesn't have any effect because I am 100 percent all the way," Joe said. "I'm 100 percent Texas. Other people might have a problem with it. I kind of like the rule because if you are committed here then they have a commitment to you. If you are still looking around then you must not be 100 percent with your decision. That's why I'm 100 percent. The new policy doesn't concern me."

Added linebacker Cameron Hampton (Dallas/Carter), who committed on Sunday: "I went along with it because it's my responsibility [as a commitment]."

ESPN Watch List defensive end Solomon Thomas (Coppell, Texas/Coppell) is still uncommitted, but he thinks Brown is being fair with his policy.

"I think as an athlete, as a prospect, you should not commit until you think you have taken all the visits you need to, to be 100 percent sure," Thomas said. "That's what I'm going to do. I'm not going to commit until I take all of my official visits. I want to be 100 percent sure because the decommit process for some of these athletes is ridiculous."

Brown made his point clear to the recruits who made it to Austin on Sunday, and is sure to do the same during Texas' second junior day on Feb. 23.

"He told us that if you commit to Texas then be committed," Longhorns running back commit Daniel Gresham said. "Once you're offered by Texas, you're offered. They won't pull your scholarship, but they'll start recruiting other players at your position."

Both Gresham and Fort Worth (Texas) All Saints teammate Demetrius Knox, a fellow Texas commit, made Longhorns fans nervous on Feb. 2 when Gresham appeared at an Ole Miss junior day and Knox showed up at one in Oklahoma. But both insist they were only going to support friends and meant no harm by their weekend excursions.

"[brown] told us he was glad that we told him while we were there, and that we were only going because of our friends," Gresham said. "But he wants [Knox] and I to be good recruiters for the class and bring guys in."

Knox said that he called Brown and offensive line coach Stacy Searels for permission before he left.

"Just so there wasn't an issue," Knox said.

That said, the 6-foot-4, 296-pound offensive lineman doesn't necessarily agree with the new policy.

"I feel like, regardless, if you are committed or not, you should be allowed to take visits and official visits to other colleges because, what happens your freshman and sophomore year if you are at a university and you didn't take those visits?" Knox said. "You might have second thoughts or whatever. If you went on those visits you get to decide what school is best for you so you can never have second thoughts."

Knox told HornsNation a few weeks ago that he wouldn't rule out the possibility of visiting Alabama, whose head coach, Nick Saban, stopped by his school while in the area making his last pitch for then-Texas commit A'Shawn Robinson.

Of course, that was in the pre-no-looking-around-once-committed era, which could have prevented Robinson from signing with the Crimson Tide.

Then again, it could have also kept him from ever committing to Texas in the first place.

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What a novel idea.... lol. A page right out of Fish Fry's book. I bet Mack Brown won't be turning away visits for any kids committed to another school, either. Not that he should. Kinda ridiculous to impose a policy like that these days. A commitment should be just that and some kids do shut it down at that point, but threatening to take a kid's spot away just for looking is dumb.

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the only way i will respect this is if mack brown tells all committed kids to not visit since he clearly believes right if you are committed then you shouldn't visit. don't have that double standard that your kids are committed and can't visit, but you are okay with committed kids visiting you.

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