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Hba 2013 Mock Draft V.5

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Trimming the fat isn't letting 15 guys out of a 53 man roster walk thats like 30% of team that was 10 yards away from making the SB.

To me I agree the roster needs to be improved but getting rid of 30% of it would be a catastrophic mistake and bringing in guys who have to aclimate to how we do things and expect to go back to where we went this year.To me if we did what you propose you may as well dig the grave and I'll fill the dirt on top of you because you've buried us with this mock.

So what percentage of roster turnover did we actual do? Just for the record I projected 12/15 players not that bad if I do say so myself.

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Last year our record was (10-6) we lost 14 players, players who had far more impact than the ones I'm suggesting and we improved our record by 3 games and won a playoff games.

  1. Chris Redman
  2. John Parker Wilson
  3. Antone Smith
  4. Eric Weems (Pro Bowler)
  5. Reggie Kelly
  6. Kirk Chambers
  7. Brett Romberg
  8. Spencer Adkins
  9. Curtis Lofton (Leader on Defense)
  10. James Sanders
  11. Darrin Walls
  12. Joe Zelenka
  13. Kelin Hayden
  14. Ovie Mughelli (Pro Bowler)

I know everyone panties is in a bunch but 10-15 player turnover is not unusual. Was that not trimming the fat? Look at it year over year turnover this is normal.

So if we got better cutting 14 players the year before. Losing our starting CB before the year started and losing what many of you deem as an up and coming player. It seem quite possible that we can continue to get better with another 15 roster changes I'm just saying.


And its ok to be wrong is that alright.

Hahahahaha I got it wrong I'm sure you've done the same at some stage I'll leave it to you to have a think about that.

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