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2013 Detroit Lions - Imd


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Meeting Room:

"Ok tell me about Joique Bell..."

GM Jluk: So this was his second year in our system and the kid came from a small school, he was originally an undrafted player from a different team which is why we don't have ERFA. Bell is a bit raw, he averaged 5 yards per carry but he had 2 costly lost fumbles (Big driver killers) from 80ish touches this year...I admit he had a few explosive runs for more than 50 yards and he has the home run speed. My only concern with his development thus far is route running and blocking assignments. From my understanding from several of the coaches, most of his touches were just sprinkles each week and that he has the potenial to be in the back field for more plays. The fact that several coaches who we hired knew his ability before hand makes it an opportunitiy to see what he can do with 10-12 touches per game. He is an undrafted player that made 500k this year. I anticipate that will be giving him a qualifying offer at minimum. Our expectation is that the coaches work will with him so he can be a multi purpose back.

Summary: Qualifying offering at minimum. No redeemable draft picks as he was undrafted.

"Ok tell me about Patrick Edwards..."

GM Jluk: So Edwards is a undrafted player out of Houston. He has slightly above average speed. His fastest time is a 4.48. He has about average route running ability but he puts the ball on the ground too many times. He needs to work on his hand and is not a finished product. He is not yet deemed worthy to play in ST and contribute in PR, KR. He needs to show me that he can secure the ball. Watching him in film I am thrilled with the potential. With Titus Young being cut, we are expected to provide a qualifying offering at minimum.

Summary: Qualifying offering at minimum. No redeemable draft picks as he was undrafted.

"Ok tell me about Jason Fox..."

GM Jluk: A big natural talent. Has the hand, footwork and intelligence to play as a RT or LT position. He is a 4th round pick but the moment he set foot in the NFL, he has been a walking injury case. We did forsee him as a injury liability as he had bumps and bruises all through out college. We were sold on him because he has 1st round talent but dropped due to his injury history. When healthy Fox can actually dominant his opponents. He plays very smart and knows how to engage and disengage and he can out physical his opponents as in a chess game. He knows his roles and plays very hard. He is a keeper. We will give him 1 more year to prove he has what it takes.

Summary: Qualifying offering at 2nd tier.

"Ok tell me about Rodney Austin..."

GM Jluk: He is a prototypical built for Center. Height is at perfect at 6-1. He has compact frame, thick and average strength for Center. The problem we have with Austin is he has a tendency to be indecisive, which essentially results in being out of the play. We are not sure if this is due to confidence or not fully understanding assignments. He has been doing well as part of pratice squad. But with our current cap situation we expect to bring him back to compete.

Summary: Qualifying offering at minimum.

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Because we have 50million of our cap tied to 3 players (Stafford, CJ. Suh) we will be making an effort to review all positions and put the best product on the field. Our oline will be review under scrutiny and have a possibility of making an unfortunate cut. Details soon to come...GM Jluk

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