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Help For Abe...


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I think the very last "cut Abe" poster is now convinced otherwise! lol, so how do we help Abe?

If we dont make the Superbowl in 13' Im right there with anyone else that says "cut Abe". Until then, we must squeeze another good year from this man(along with TG I hope).

The only vet(old) that I am willing to let go of is Tod McClure. Konz will handle C just fine, of course that leaves RG open. Its hard, because I want the first 2 picks to go DT and OLB in either order depending the talent there.

RG isnt as high a priority imo as some think. Our run blocking was not good however, it was not as bad as Turner made it look! Rogers, Snelling, and the new guy will do ok. I am all for shifting what we have also. Clabo inside to RG to add toughness and strength, and let Reynolds and Svitek battle for RT, or any other alignment, as long as they bring back Baker.

It wasnt lack of running the ball that cost us the game against the 49ers and almost allowed the Hawks to come back and beat us. While a steady running game would have helped, it was the defense that killed us, even more so than Ryans 2 turnovers. No pass rush, inability to stop gashes up the middle, and TEs with ability to get beyond 10 yards. We were all sick after watching the same thing kill us 2 straight games. If you are up like we were on both teams..especially at home...especially in the playoffs....no way do you lose those games...no way! DEFENSE!

DT and OLB are far more important to me than RG. We aksed Ryan to carry us last year and he almost did, give Ryan the defense Flacco has and he to can afford to make mistakes, ranted Flacco didnt make mistakes this post season but he was known for them prior to the Superbowl.

So again, ask Ryan to just be himself and play at the same level again, improve the defense to where it at least makes a difference and we will be alright. We dont need 1,000 yard rusher, we just need effective running for situational football and to keep the defense honest.

Ryan and that passing attack with situational running and a good defense are what we need!

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Yeah I agree OP. Would really like us to go defense with the first couple picks. Hopefully grab a big defensive tackel that will require double teams to take pressure off of the pass rushers, and then a defensive end that can rush the passer so we can pressure QBs more and also have a young talented guy for when Abe leaves. Think this is what our team really needs, and bolstering the D-Line will also help the secondary too buy not making them have to stay in coverage as long.

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