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I Only Want 3 Players Td. Make Me Proud


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I thought Michael Johnson wasnt going to be available.

and why in the **** would we pick up Mendenhall and Bradshaw?

Rb #1 and #2

and if he said 4 things

I would have added Bush as a #3 RB and then kick Quiz to the curb!

Johnson will be avail

Bengals are cheap B*** and they will replace DE Johnson in draft!

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My Three guys would help us win the Superbowl next year!

(yours wont)

1. Michael Johnson (CIN) - DE

2. Mendenhall (RB)

3. Bradshaw (RB)

For a guy judging someone elses wish list, you failed miserably with your running backs. Neither can stay healthy and we don't need 2. The Chris Ivory bandwagon makes more sense and he's a third stringer lol
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Signing a FA RB is almost as ******** as drafting one in the first round.

That's kinda how I feel about signing a big name FA DE (minus the draft part of course). I don't understand the mindset of paying top dollar for the top DE on the market. When was the last time a team signed the top DE on the market and actuallu got their moneys worth?

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1. Seymour - FA

2. Freeney - FA

3. Warford - 1st pick

* LT Will Beatty instead of Sam Baker. With the addition of Beatty and Warford we will be able to run the ball again.

LT -- Beatty/Holmes

LG -- Blalock/Manley

C -- Konz/Gunn

RG -- Warford/Manley

RT -- Clabo/Holmes

LE -- Abraham/Massaquoi

DT -- Babineaux/Peters

DT -- Seymour/Walker/Robertson

RE -- Freeney/Biermann

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