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Player Transfer Rumors..


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No clue. I wonder if Kiehl Frazier or Jonathan Wallce might transfer. There's no way we keep 5 QB's. Malzahn recruited Frazier, so I dunno. I think Wallce would make a good wildcat QB. I'm wondering if Marshall might get the starting nod while we groom Johnson.

yeah your qb situation is interesting. that may be one of the most interesting offseason battles of any team.
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Not knowing who our QB is come spring time is an annual tradition at Auburn. Still not knowing who our QB is until the fall is also a tradition, unfortunately.

yeah I know this is early, but iyo put your 5 qbs in order in where you think they will end up. I think you picked up a true fresh and a juco transfer in nick marshall.

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We picked picked up two freshmen and Marshall on NSD. Clint Mosely left the team last month, leaving Frazier and Wallace as our only QB's.

The more I think about it, Marshall was probably brought in to start since he's got JUCO experience. I don't think anyone will mistake him for Cam, but we'll see what he can do.

Jeremy Johnson is our QB of the future. He's tall like Cam, though not as big. He's a pocket passer that can run, as opposed to a pure "dual threat" QB who is ok at throwing but just runs around a lot. He won't be on campus till the summer, so I don't know whether he will get a real chance to compete or if we might even redshirt him to save his eligibility.

Jason Smith, the other freshman QB, played WR in the allstar game and won MVP, I think he'll wind up moving to slot WR for us, Gus has had success with former QB's at slot receiver. They promised him a shot at QB but I think it was a recruiting pitch.

Frazier was a 5 star recruit and ran a version of Malzahn's offense in high school. Last year, he was forced under center in a pro style scheme and was awful. He admitted he was scared of the pass rush, held on to the ball too long, and Kevin Scarbinsky all but named him in an article as a player who stopped going to class, and Chizik failed to discipline. I don't know what his future is with Auburn, and whether or not Gus will give him a chance.

Jonathan Wallace was a pleasant surprise last year, but his best fit is likely at wildcat QB.

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