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Which Te Do You Want To Draft?


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Jordan Reed. Amazing value for a middle rounder, frees up earlier picks for more urgent needs.

This. Dude has star potential if he had a year to learn under tg could be a top 5 te. Dream draft (I know it's not realistic let me dream)

Dion Jordan




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Otten from SJSU in the 4th. Not a high pick and good upside at a position that is important, but not critical. OK blocker, will need work on that like most college TE's, good ability to stretch the field as a TE. SInce we have 2 picks in the 4th most likely, he's a guy that should help us but not a guy we have to overpay for just because of need or the position he plays. to me in the draft you look at value above all else, and he's a guy that can help us without us spending an early pick to snag him.

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Question: How many rookie TEs had ANY impact this past year? Lance Kendrick in his third year might finally become a great player for the Rams, but he's the only one I can think of in the last 2 years that's done anything. Gronk, Graham, Hernandez, Gresham were really in a world of their own.

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