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5 Minutes Are Up


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Saints officially hire Rob Ryan.

When fired from Dallas, Ryan said he would be unemployed "about 5 minutes".

Well, the Rams gave him a look, then said Nope.

The Saints called him in for an interview, but then wanted to talk to Todd Grantham as well.

When Grantham withdrew from consideration, Payton decided on Ryan.

It took a little longer than 5 minutes, now didn't it, Rob?

So, now N.O. has Rob Ryan as their Defensive Coordinator.

Ain't Skeered....................happy.png

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Your taking the 5 minutes thing too seriously, although it wasn't like teams were lining up to sign him. Realistically though, we all knew somebody would sign him. It really couldn't get much worse than the Saints, so its not like anyone can call it a dumb move...The only ways they held down the opponents yards was like vs SF, where SF had 2 ints returned for touchdowns..aka 2 0 yard posessions where the Saints got the ball back. He'll improve that defense, but not make it great.

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