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My Mock Offseaon

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let grimey walk an cut Dunta

cut PJ, Peters and Matthews

Sign Kruger an Dorsey

Sign Will-mo or franchise him

1st Matt Elam S Florida. Put him at Nickle, I think he would beast in dat role in Nolan's system. He's fast, can cover, blitz, hard hitter, An good in the run game. He's jus an all-around playmaker

2nd Big Brandon Williams, dat big body we been missing in the middle

3rd DE, Carradine??? or whoever is avaliable

4th Rb Kenjon Barner. Gives us a homerun hitter, an Kick returner. Let Quizz an snelling carry the load, with a lil kenjon sprinkled in.

4th Cb Darius Slay MsSt 6'1 athletic. Gets 2 years tutoring from Asante, an could be his potential replacement

5th OLB Cam Lawrence MsSt. has size, decent athletism, can rush the passer, has good instincts against the run an in coverage.

6th TE Michael Williams Ala. Excellent run blocker, has some potential in passin game

7th De/Dt Stephan Charles you knw the dude from the CFL. has good size


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If we are going to won the super bowl next year I have two options 1st with TG go get either Paul Krueger or cliff avril cut Turner trade HD RESTRUCTURE Drob bring back Grimes and sign Fa running back either Bradshaw or Jackson just off strength experience more in Bradshaw two rings Draft eifert future rb and the rest of the picks defense for the next two years

2nd option w/o tg Cut Turner Abe trade dunta and hd Sign Krueger/Avril and/or kvb/osi Sign hill/Dorsey and Bradshaw Move McClain to nickel and look at Rolando McClain from the raiders cheap young linebacker Trade down 1st round for two second round Get eifert and top Corner on board Stephan Taylor or lacy 3rd round And the rest of the picks and next year picks On defense

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