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****** Articles Like This Are The Main Reason Falcon Fans Get So Upset With The Media

Willy Mo

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here's the part that frustrates me

he's going through his playoff seedings, check it

6. St. Louis Rams — In 2011, when everyone was picking them to win the division, I told you they’d start 0-5 … and they did. In 2012, when everyone was picking them to stink, I told you Jeff Fisher would right the ship and get ‘em winning … and he did. In fact, Fisher’s team went 2-1-1 against the 49ers and Seahawks. Sam Bradford has slipped through the cracks, but he’s still a young, big-armed guy who’s main problem has been the lack of viable pass catchers to target. If/when Les Snead addresses that this offseason, Chris Long, Janoris Jenkins, and the rest of the Rams will be ready to step up in the brutal NFC West.

Close, but not cigar

Atlanta Falcons (2012′s No. 1 seed out of the playoffs? Those two WRs are tough to stop, but they’re mediocre elsewhere

so, the St.Louis Rams will make the playoffs but the Falcons won't?

go fuk yourself dave, utter stupidity.

mediocre at everything besides WR?

he must've forgotten our greats corners and safeties. he must've forgotten about Sean Weatherspoon, our defensive captain. he must've forgotten about our two good RBs. and he must've forgotten about our top 10 [i didn't say elite] our top 10 QB, Matt Ryan.

so tell me, what to the Rams have?

Chris Long and Stephen Jackson.

smart choice.

edit:it has come to my attention that "must've" is not a word. ignore it grammar nazis

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