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Falchemist's Pre-Combine Mock

The Falchemist

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Owens, Hope, Moore, Baker, Palmer, Reynolds, Walker, Smith


Cox, Grimes, McCown, Svitek, Sidbury


Turner, Jerry, Franks, and another surprise cap casualty (like Blalock or Clabo)


Todd McClure -- it's time.

Tony G -- I REALLY think he's coming back, but I'll play devil's advocate, for the purposes of this mock.

Mike Peterson -- love the leadership he brings, but it's half past time for young(er) blood in our front seven.



Dustin Keller, TE, NYJ -- 1 year, $2.7mil deal + performance incentives

No real explanation needed. Let's get him in here and allow him the chance to prove himself. Dude can be a weapon in the right system. Closest TG replacement we'll find in this FA market.

Either: Erin Henderson, LB, MIN -- 3 years, $6.3mil deal or Desmond Bryant, DT, OAK -- 2 years, $4.2mil deal

Henderson is looking for a longer term deal and I think he'll have a lot left to offer to a club that sees his true value.

Bryant comes at a great price for immediate production, and coming from Oakland, I'm pretty sure he'd jump at the chance.


Rnd 1 -- Dion Jordan, DE, Oregon


Insane athleticism, relentless in pursuit. Highlights speak for themselves.

Rnd 2 -- Larry Warford, OG, Kentucky

Excellent big body candidate to shore up the O-line and assist the run game.

Rnd 3 -- Jordan Reed, TE, Florida

Good to decent blocking; GREAT cuts and elusiveness. Can be easily developed into a serious threat.

Rnd 4 -- Mike Gillislee, RB, Florida

Just what the doctor ordered. A nice, fresh contact back with just enough speed.

Rnd 4 -- Jordan Hill, DT, Penn State

Bold and nasty up the middle. Amazing ball awareness. Less than ideal size, but he could be a beast for us in rotation.

Rnd 5 -- Leon McFadden, CB, SDSU

Greatttttt coverage, especially man. Nice speed.

Rnd 6 -- Kiko Alonso, LB, Oregon

Particularly impressed by his versatility inside and outside. Plays hard, fast, and intense. Severely underrated draft steal.

Rnd 7 -- Reggie Dunn, WR/KR, Utah

Five career 100+ yd kickoff returns..... pretty much speaks for itself.

Rnd 7 -- Bradley McDougald, S, Kansas

Rnd 7 -- Cornelius Washington, DE/LB, Georgia

Rnd 7 -- Tyrann Mathieu, CB/KR, LSU (a stretch, I know) or Earl Wolff, S, NC State

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no way we'd get Warford with our 2nd pick

I'd say probably not there, but not "no way". Every mock by espn or NFl analysts I've seen doesn't have warford as a 1st round pick. But he is the 3rd best OG on the big board, and the first two come off in the 1st round so yeah he probably doesnt last til the end of rd 2.

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Freaking love most of those picks. Dion Jordan is a dream, and because of the injury, other DEs rising (he's ranked 27 on CBS right now), and the few teams just ahead of us having bigger needs, I can definitely see us snatching him up. Love his attitude and he is my favorite pick if we actually stick in the first round not named Ziggy Ansah (who won't happen, the combine will make sure of that).

Warford is great, even though he probably won't be there.

I'd rather go with Kelce or an OLB in the third, and even then, I don't know about taking offense with two of our first three picks.

Gilislee will be great in the NFL, even though I'd rather get Johnathan Franklin or Ray Graham. Again, not sure about going so heavy on offense.

LOVE that you included Jordan Hill, only negative is that he's undersized like many of ours, but he has the potential to be a Geno Atkins type sleeper. I'd rather take Montori Hughes, but either would be fine.

Leon, Alonso, and Washington are good picks too. Biggest nitpick is all the offense. Otherwise, it's awesome.

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If Jordan can bulk up a tad without losing any of that explosion, he's gonna be a freak, but right now hes a tweener that can not take a strong punch,BUT if he improves his upper body strength, whooooooo, he kind of reminds me of Michael Johnson, and huge upside, but i could see a pure 3-4 team snatching him way before # 30 .... ...love those long arms and the way he closes on QBs and ball carriers is lights out ...

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I see Dion Jordan falling to 30 as much as I see Gilislee falling to the 4th round. Not going to happen.

Don't think you realize how much talent there is in this draft. There are at least 50 picks with possible "1st round" grades. There are 9-10 DEs alone that might be taken in the first round - the top three being Werner, Moore, and Mingo, with Ansah and maybe Okafor very close behind. Datone Jones, Sam Montgomery, and Dion Jordan are all typically stocked in the next tier, with outside (doubtful) chances of Margus Hunt and Tank Carradine rounding it out. Since Jordan is coming off an injury that made him not play in the Senior Bowl, he could slip further. Needs a great combine...he's projected around a 4.7 40 time, but I'll be looking at his shuttle and 10 yard split. Dude is very fast. Could be top 10, could be back of the first...we'll just have to wait and see.

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