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2013 Imd Signups.


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Alright folks, it's that time of year again. Time to pick a team and grab your GM hats so we can see how you would run an NFL team. If you've played in years past you know how this works, but if you are new to the board, or at least new to the draft & FA thread, here are the basics. We try to get 32 board members to sign up an play a mock NFL offseason, every player gets their own team. Notice that I said offseason and not just a mock draft. That's because there is a lot involved here. We start out with giving each team a salary cap spending limit. With that limit you will have the opportunity to place franchise tags and lock up restricted free agents. Then, once that is complete, we move to the free agency stage where you will bid on FAs without going over your salary cap. Once the FA period is completed, then we move into the mock draft. And, to top it all off, you have the ability to negotiate trades with any of the other owners for players and/or picks. Basically, you completely run an NFL franchise this offseason and you can shape it however you want it. All we ask is that if you sign up to play, stick with it through the end of the draft (7 rounds).

So, without further adieu, here is the draft order for this year's draft. Post and tell us which team you are going to take over and make into the 2014 Super Bowl champs. I will update this as I am able, but please look at the posts below to make sure the team you want has not been taken.

1. Chiefs - mumblesjr

2. Jaguars - SBorBust

3. Raiders - JRob215

4. Eagles - King Jigsaw

5. Lions - Jluk

6. Browns - IA Falcon07

7. Cardinals - ssippifalcon

8. Bills - chevydawg23

9. Jets - The Dirty Bird

10. Titans - Kennesaw77

11. Chargers - RaidaNation

12. Dolphins - Robb4242

13. Buccaneers - KSFalcon

14. Panthers - Tuggle2

15. Saints - SuperSK

16. Rams - Rai

17. Steelers - kylesims7

18. Cowboys - ikaika_

19. Giants - ChocTheFalconsFan

20. Bears -- cnasty

21. Bengals - jfalconsp

22. Redskins (Pick was traded) - TSprings

23. Vikings - LookAboutFalcon

24. Colts - Kayoh

25. Seahawks - B_Lo_Touchdowns

26. Packers - g6773a

27. Texans - The Falchemist

28. Broncos - Falcanuk

29. Patriots - chancejrAtl

30. Falcons - m2Falcons

31. 49ers - SacFalcFan

32. Ravens - g-dawg

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**** Rob didn't think you'd post this early! I'm slow off the gates, give me the Bengals.

yeah, when I messaged you yesterday I had not planned to make it until later. I finally had a little downtime about 1am & so I thought I'd just get it done in case something else popped up this morning & delayed me.

Rob, here is a link of the most up to date salary cap numbers I could find. It was posted today.



If anybody has a good FA list that would help as well.

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