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Arthur Brown, Olb-Kansas State - The Real Mccoy!


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this kid's a stud. we have so many players on the roster that are "basically him". if we aren't going to a 3-4 heavy D, i think his potential would be wasted.

yeah, yeah, i hear about the "hybrid" D all the time. that's fine. we can be a hybrid that is 4-3 80% of the time and 3-4 20% of the time and this kid's career will get off to a VERY slow start.

this dude would bloom in a hybrid that runs alot of 3-4 (which i would rather see us run anyway).

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He has amazing talent, but I'm worried about his size at 6'1 231 pounds! Bigger Tight ends like Jimmy Graham and Vernon Davis would eat him alive!

He couldn't do any worse than Nicholas. At least he has the athleticism to hang with them and have a chance at making a play, you're not going to draft a LB or S that are going to completely lock those dudes down anyway.

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