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Gregg Williams Reinstated By Nfl, Hired By Titans

RI Falcon

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Less than a year after he was suspended indefinitely for orchestrating the Saints’ bounty program, Gregg Williams is back in the NFL.

The Titans announced today that they have hired Williams, and that the league office has confirmed to the team that he has been reinstated and is welcome to return.

“Commissioner Roger Goodell today notified Gregg Williams and the Tennessee Titans thatWilliams’ contract with the Titans has been approved and that he has been reinstated,” the team said in a statement. “The commissioner cited several reasons for the reinstatement, including Williams’ forthcoming acknowledgement of and acceptance of responsibility for his role in the bounty program at the Saints, his commitment to never again be involved in a pay-for-performance or bounty system, and his pledge to teach safe play and respect for the rules at all levels of the game. The commissioner emphasized that Williams must fully conform to league rules and will be subject to periodic monitoring to confirm his compliance.”

This is Williams’ second stint with the franchise, having previously worked from the team from 1990 to 2000. His new title will be senior assistant for defense, and head coach Mike Munchak said he’s excited about what Williams can do for his team.

“I have known Gregg for over two decades and have seen him work his way up from a quality control coach to a head coach,” Munchak said. “He will bring a great deal of defensive knowledge and energy to our staff. The decision to bring him here only came after going through a thoughtful and thorough process.”

With Williams back, all of the suspensions for both players and coaches handed out in the Saints’ bounty scandal have come to an end, concluding one of the most controversial chapters of NFL history.

Can't believe all these Saints bums are still in jobs...

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Suspended indefinitely should not carry the same weight as a 1 year suspension. Roger was just going for shock value when he put "indefinitely" in there it seems.

Basically, I'll suspend you for a year, indefinitely means I'll get you to do a bunch of other stuff too in order for you to get a job back. Thankfully this bum isn't even in the NFC anymore now. If only Peyton followed suit.

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You do realize they been out of football for a year..they served the punishment so yes everyone deserves a second chance..

Second chance for mistakes. **** like this would get you fired so hard from any other job in the real world you wouldn't be able to walk on the premise again, let alone actually get a job.

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