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Whats Going To Happen To The Georgia Dome?


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Whats going to happen to the Dome when they build that new stadium? Are they planning to tear it down? Do you think we should keep the dome and the new stadium?

Also will falcons home record under ryan start over once we get in that new stadium?

Not sure about the Dome.

As for the record, there will be two to keep track of: his overall performance in home games and his record at the new stadium.

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I would tear it down save a section of the actual roof and make it the central tailgating area. Put a jumbotron under the section of roof so folks could gather and watch the games set up some park benches maybe a dj booth.

I think a "tailgate park" and a few more parking decks would be ideal. Dome parking is terrible and the tailgate experience is too disjointed, IMO.

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