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The Next Xbox: Always Online, No Second-Hand Games, 50Gb Blu-Ray Discs And New Kinect

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Microsoft will move to make Xbox Live an "integral" rather than "optional" feature of the next Xbox, with retail games made available for download, the next-gen expose in Edge's latest issue claims.

Physical boxed titles will remain on sale in shops via 50GB Blu-ray discs, but "activation codes" will require verification online, the report adds.

Once verified, sources claim discs will have "no function beyond the initial users - effectively eliminating the second-hand games market as it's currently known.

Edge's information is said to come form "sources with first-hand experience of Microsoft's next generation console."

"Given its experience with 70 million-plus 360 console stats, Microsoft has accumulated enough user data to make the decision to go online-only with its successive hardware one that adds up," the Edge report states.

"Microsoft's hand has been guided by the PC gaming landscape, and viewed through a particular lens it makes sense, even if unbelievers will take some convincing."

It adds: "Ultimately, Microsoft has asked itself a simple question: who wants to play games on a next-generation Xbox and yet doesn't have access to the internet? The answer: not enough to make a considerable difference."

The next Xbox, codename Durango, is said to utilise an AMD eight-core x64 1.6GHz CPU, a D3D11.x 800MHz graphics solution and 8GB of DDR3 RAM. As of now, the console's hard drive capacity is said to be undecided.

In the same report it's claimed that the PS4 will utilise an improved PlayStation Eye camera and redesigned controller, and have the ability to record and upload gameplay to the internet.

Both next-gen consoles are said to be set for release before this Christmas, although PS4 is unlikely to launch in Europe until "early 2014".


If this happens, Microsoft is as good as dead.

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isn't that how pc games are? either download or the disc comes with a code and is only for downloading?

almost every piece of software I have comes with a code. I think it's a good idea. Would put a stop to pirating games and if someone steals your game their pretty much screwed.
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Don't like the always online aspect at all. I just recently went through about a 5 month stretch with no internet at home but still had a great time with games like Borderlands 2 and Farcry 3. If I was required to have an internet connection just to play, I would have been pretty ticked.

Not a fan of activation codes but I can understand the thinking behind it. I trade in far more than I buy used though, so I will just have to be more selective in the games I buy.

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