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Can We Really Afford Any Good Fa?


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The latest report I saw had us at 1.7 mill under the cap. I realize by releasing Turner and Dunta we get a nice chunk of change. Will it be enough to:

Resign- Baker, Grimes, and Moore

Tender all 3 restricted FAs - McClain, Palmer, Smith

possibly resign - Walker and Owens

I honestly feel we need to do all of the above. If we did, would that leave enough to bring in any FA that would truly make a difference? I can honestly see signing Baker, and a deal with Grimes maybe more favorable now that he is coming off injury. If a deal cant be worked out with Moore, he will see the franchise tag...count on that! No way TD let him just walk away.

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Yes we will have enough to bring back Baker, Moore, McClain . We also have some room to bring back Tony G as well but that is it . There have been talks Falcons will franchise Moore and cost us 7 million against the cap but I am thinking long term deal . If Tony G does stay retired

We could make a run at a mid level free agent . Outside that Falcons don't have much cap room to wiggle . Expect the same Falcons team in 2013 . Just minus Turner, Dunta and Tony G and our draft picks

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