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Rotoworld Has Us Taking...

Knight of God

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Even if TG doesn't come back TE is nowhere near the top of our "oh shlit, we need immediate help at this position" list.

True dat, unfortunately, TE would be on that list , just not near the top.

Just lazy draft making- pick a random need and a random player to fill it. Lots of the early mocks have Falcons taking a TE.

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Guest Negatorris

Some people making mocks don't even actually watch some of the teams. They just listen to the media and make assumptions.

Kelce in the 1st? Ha...

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A TE DOES make sense in the first if we address some of the front 7 in FA.

Like I have been saying over and over we will more than likely be losing nearly 2000 yards and 19 tds between TE and Runningback..

People may not see those as a need but both of those are big big parts of our offense.

having said that if we do not address the front 7 in FA then I am thinking we should get either a DT or End in the first if the right guy is there.

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it is so easy to m0ck based on a perceived glaring need.

Tony is retiring....give them a TE!

Come on mockers.....do a little homeowrk, read up a little. I swear they just look at who a team lost that is a big name and plug in their highest ranked prospect at the position.

I didnt read the mock (cant access at work) but would assume the have BAL taking a MLB @ 32 since Ray retired.

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