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This Is Depressing...


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Roy Williams 31

Terrence Newman

Demarcus Ware

Marcus Spears

Barbie Carpenter

Anthony Spencer

Felix Jones

Mike Jenkins

Dez Bryant

Tyron Smith

Morris Claiborne

ya got 3 pro bowlers and 2 solid starters outa that 11 so thats not bad

but yea man

12 yrs is the big thing, and the lack of picks in those 12 yrs

compared to Falcons

in 5 yrs

we have 5 pro bowlers and 3 solid starters

Granted 1 of the Pro Bowlers and 1 of the Starters are both Free Agents lol

but I expect we will resign both and let Grimes walk

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I thought there were some fine players in there...players id love to have on the falcons

they got 2 over there that could make Falcons Roster as starters for sure

and their 3rd Pro Bowler could make almost any other team besides Falcons roster , altho I guess It would be nice to have Dez as our 3rd WR

yes I know Dez did not make the Pro Bowl . but he should have , and is a pro bowl player imo

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OMG...Dallas was HORRIBLE at reloading after our Super Bowl years. Not until 2005 did we start drafting well again. Name one player you would want from our drafts between 2000-2004. In 2004 Dallas traded out of the 1st round, where they could have had Stephen Jackson, only to get Julius Jones.

Then take a look at the 2009 draft. Really, we might as well have traded every pick in that draft away. There were only 2 guys on our roster this year from that draft. In 2013 there is a good chance that those two wont return.

Now, the 2011 and 2012 drafts were A LOT better, this is what I hope Jason Garrett continues to do on draft day. This team needs it.

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