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You Are Td Sitting At Gonzo's Dinner Table

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Aye Tony yous a real luckie guy huh. Yous gots a amazing home, some beautiful children, and October.....well lets say I'd love to go trick or treating in that...YOU KNOW WHAT I'M SAYING PAULIE....hehehehehehe...but anyways Tony you knows its a crazy world out there huh. You can never be to careful. Accidents uhhhh this things just sorta happen ya knows one day you walking down the street then BANG.....Oh I don't know maybe a piano falls out the sky...uhhhhh crazy world out there Tony. I can tell yous 1 thing for sure tho aint no piannas falling on flowery branch. Real safe out there Tony uhhhh maybe yous should go out there for I don't knows lets say 1year huh.

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