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Guest Negatorris

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Guest Negatorris

Firstly, I think Gonzo stays another year and that would be great. We won't need to worry about TE in the draft for another year.

While watching the game last night, up until the point where SF came back and Ngata was lost, their DL was controlling that game. They blew up most run plays, and Kaepernick was never comfortable in the pocket. They even laid some blows on him on delayed handoffs. Their size and strength was intimidating, and that is exactly what the Falcons need.


(Falcons trade down, gathering a high 2nd and another 4th)


Larry Warford - Kentucky, OG 6-3 333lbs

I went back and forth on whether to select a RB, but it would make no sense. Our run blocking would not get much better with Reynolds coming back as the starting RG. Enter, Warford who can do it all. He has played extremely well against some of the best defensive linemen in college football, NFL caliber linemen. He'll open up holes, and get Matt Ryan upright. RG was our most unstable position on the OL, and Warford should fix that right up. He did not allow ONE sack last year, and like I said he wasn't playing against scrubs. He could also slide over to C in an emergency. His performance in the Senior Bowl only solidified my stance on taking him with our first pick. 1st round talent here.

Compares To: Brian Waters

Tank Carradine - FSU, DE 6-4 265lbs

Another 1st round talent. His stock dropped after he tore his right ACL, but I think he can come back and play at a high level. His doctor(Dr. Andrews) is the same guy who worked with AP, Brett Favre, and is currently working with RG3 and Marcus Lattimore. He is recovering quickly thanks to his rehab trainer, who is the same person that rehabbed AP from his ACL injuries. Because of this, it is estimated that he should be able to do Pro Day in April, 3 weeks ahead of schedule. Every knee injury is different but I'm hopeful he'll come back at 100%. I like him because of his high motor. He started as a backup, and quickly worked his way into the starting position. He can get to the QB, with 11 sacks in only 11 games. And he is good at shedding blocks to stop the run, with 13 TFLs. Tank Carradine is consistent, and the guy we need opposite of Abe. A team can mug Abe all day and make our pass rush non existent without us blitzing, but Carradine will be able to exploit all of the attention Abe is getting. He is still a bit raw when rushing the passer, but when he gets good leverage and can keep his legs under him, he becomes a load to stop for the opposition. Learning behind Abe and Nolan should help him develop into a good edge rusher for the Falcons. It's a risk to take him because of his injury, but if back fully healthy, TD will be grateful that he did, and so will you all.

Compares To: Michael Johnson


Brandon Williams - Missouri Southern, DT 6-2 341lbs

Another guy who I think is worth a 1st or 2nd.. Brandon Williams could come in and be a starter on day 1. He is the kind of guy that TD likes. A humble player, with great work ethic and the drive to succeed. Brandon Williams is a playmaker. He finished 3rd in the entire nation with 5 FFs. He also recorded 8.5 sacks, and 16.5 TFLs. He's been an All-American 3 straight years, and is only the 3rd player to do so. Brandon Williams will add some size and strength to the middle of our DL, which is something we desperately need. All those times where opposing offenses gashed us up the middle will be no more. Williams will make it h3ll for RBs trying to run in between the tackles, and he will demand attention. This will be the draft pick that frees things up for our veteran Abe, and also Tank. Williams is the space eater we need and will prove to be a special player for our team, unlike Jelly who was a wasted pick. Great value here.


Lonnie Pryor - FSU, FB/RB 6-0 230lbs

Ever since KOG posted about this guy, I've been sold. He has great vision, couple with great power and deceptive speed. His hands are soft unlike our current starter, and he is very instinctive. Some teams always seem to find these pretty talented RBs late in the draft, well it's finally our turn. He might not have gotten much carries at FSU, but that's not so bad. Ryan's arm is what drives this offense, so Pryor won't need to carry the load all game, but he'll be able to pick up tough yards when we call on him. Pryor would add much needed explosiveness to our run game again.

Compares To: Steven Jackson

Vince Williams - FSU, ILB 6-1 247lbs(Gained by Trade)

The 3rd player we take from the Seminoles, Vince Williams is another underrated prospect that would fit well with our team. Dent showed improvement as the year went on, but Williams would give him a run for his starting spot. Vince is another high motor player, who possesses the speed to cover TEs, and RBs and he's a sure tackler. He and Spoon would be a great fit, as he possesses the emotional leader qualities that Spoon has too. Vince would also add some much needed attitude to our defense. He isn't afraid to lower the boom on a player, and not many bounce away from him once he makes contact. His performance at the Senior Bowl no doubt raised his stock. He was flying all around the place, and some said he was probably the 2nd best LB overall there. Our LB core obviously needs to be upgraded, and taking Vince is a start.

Compares To: Navarro Bowman

Chris Harper - Kansas State, WR 6-1 228lbs(Comp pick for Lofton)

Harper is another underrated player, who could make our team better in his rookie season. He tracks the ball beautifully and can snatch it out of the air with his reliable hands. He runs a 4.4, so he does possess some good speed. He isn't overly explosive, but this guy can make plays on the ball and pick up extra yards after contact. He's a very strong receiver, often fighting for first downs after catching the ball short, but he has fumbled before while doing so. It hasn't been a huge problem and it can be corrected through coaching, and we have one of the best WR coaches around. He is also the type of guy Smitty looks for, as Harper is extremely effective when blocking on the perimeter. I say he's underrated, and should come in and challenge HD for the #3 spot. The guy can would be able to make plays from the slot. He brings the physicality that Harry Douglas can't.

He also use to be the starting QB for Oregon, lol.

Compares To: Anquan Boldin


Tyrann Mathieu - LSU, CB 5-9 178lbs

A long shot, I know but I really like the idea of us taking this kid. First of all we haven't scored a STs TD since the 2010 season, and that's a long azz time to not do so. I like Quizz as a RB, but I don't know who actually thought he would ever run a kickoff all the way for a TD. He'd slow down after midfield, and we need someone with long speed, and don't even get me started on Franks. Tyrann would instantly give our STs a huge threat to return a kick any time he got his hands on it. He really needs to get his head straight, but I think we have the players and coaches that can get him to somewhat behave, and I know they would have no problem with cutting him if he starts becoming a cancer. I don't see him as a #1 or #2 CB yet, but I think he could cover slot receivers and provide us with good depth in the secondary if we do indeed let Grimes walk. He'd take HD, and Quizz's return jobs and he might even be able to make plays on defense and ST kick coverage. He had a lot of FFs at LSU. Tyrann plays bigger than his size. He can avoid blocks, and make tackles in close quarters and his lateral agility and acceleration make it hard for someone to lose him in the open field. He knows how to time his jumps to deflect passes, making up for his short stature. Who knows, maybe he can become a starter someday. Also, kick returns/punt returns can change a game drastically, and who knows what games we could have won with some great returns? Just imagine if Jacoby Jones doesn't score on the opening kickoff yesterday.

Compares To: Brent Grimes





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Guest Negatorris

Love the Carradine and Williams picks, not so sold on Pryor, doesnt he have ball security issues ?

I know he had 3 fumbles in his senior season, but he previously had never fumbled in his career. Either way I think he'll be fine. Ball security is something our coaches love to express. If he did happen to fumble, he wouldn't hear the end of it if it cost the team.

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I would love this, You addressed our biggest needs in your top 5 picks

I've been a fan of Warford before the senior bowl , he is exactly the type of OL we need.

Williams won't make it past the first couple picks in the 3rd, so i wouldn't have a problem drafting him with our 2nd/ 2nd

Love the Vince Williams pick

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Guest Fibonacci/Mashburn

Why not trade back for a mid round second and third from the rams?

Like I mentioned in my thread.

But sure if you want a second and fourth, go for it.

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Sorry Torris I'm not on Carradine are you sure that was his highlight Film all I saw was alot of Ellington stuff up in here.

On a serious note I thought he got handled pretty well in that he doesn't really have any suddeness to him he has a bit of a bull rush but nothing that really sways me to wanting him on our team.

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