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My Definition Of The Elite Status


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You have become elite when the is NO CONVERSATION that you are elite.

When absolutely NO ONE can object to it, and if someone does, they're a delusional idiot.

You don't become elite by winning a Super Bowl.

You are elite when there is absolutely nothing or very little that you have to prove.

When your play lifts your entire team up.

When it seems you are in several calibers up above an 'excellent' player.

That is my definition.

So, Matt Ryan and Joe Flacco are not elite. There are only four Quarterbacks in this league that fit that definition, and you all know who they are. I just wanted to give my take on the whole Ryan v. Flacco thing. I think Ryan is the better qb, but still has many things to prove.

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IMO winning the SuperBowl doesn't make you elite. Everyone agrees Dilfer wasn't elite, also not winning a SuperBowl doesn't exclude you from being elite (Marino). My definition of elite is really simple. You are elite only if you can go to any team and make that team a contender. By my definition there are truly only 2 elite QBs. Everyone else is up for debate.

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