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Where Do We Stand--Fa Prestige


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I want it all. I want a solid FA DT or inside linebacker at a discount.

Question: Are we to the point where your average FA would come to Atlanta for a modest discount (not cheap) as opposed to taking top dollar from a team like Buffalo or Cleveland (no offense to those teams...we have been in your spot)?

I do think Samuel almost jumped at Atlanta, and he has been adaquate enough that it was a good deal for both sides. Is he the new rule, or an exception?

Please discuss.

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I don't think so.

This places is a graveyard for ambition when it comes to young players who wants to be considered elte and to have a HoF career. The media will make sure that you won't get the recognition you deserve when playing here.

If I'm a FA Atlanta isn't high on my list of preferred places to play, even with the best owner in the NFL and the current talent we have.

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The 3 big splashes i see atl making is..

1) Cutting John Abraham for Osi Umenyiora

2) Cutting Dunta Robisnon

3) Cutting Stephen Nicholas and Moving Biermann to OLB

Did anyone notice that Biermann shut down Jimmy Graham in the 2nd game vs the saints while in the 1st game stephen nicholas didnt and guess which 2 lucky TE burned nicholas Zach Miller and Vernon Davis

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