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Titus Young Look Good In Black And Red?


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Lions waste no time in parting ways with Titus Young

Posted by Evan Silva on February 4, 2013, 3:51 PM EST


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Citing a team source, Tim Twentyman of DetroitLions.com reports that the Lions have waived wide receiver Titus Young.

The move is not the least bit surprising.

After falling out of favor due to “behavior and attitude” issues during the season — the final straw being Young’s intentional refusal to line up in the correct spot on Thanksgiving against the Packers — the 23-year-old wide receiver practically begged out of Detroit. In late January, Young took to Twitter to blast the Lions’ organization, essentially declare himself a future Hall of Famer, and threaten retirement if the offense didn’t get him the football more often.

Young is young and brimming with talent, and he’ll now be subject to the NFL’s waivers process. It will be interesting to see if a team claims him. Young’s 2013 base salary is scheduled to be $555,000.

His contract, which lasts through 2014, also includes an offseason workout bonus of $50,000 and a training-camp reporting bonus of $184,666.

So to take a flier on Young, the “risk” would be minimal.

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I dunno. This was the same dude who called a fair catch against us on a safety punt when he needed to return it. Not that it mattered though.

That wasn't Young. Young was already on IR or whatever they put him on this season after all his problems. He is talented, and could help us if he has his head on right. I doubt we make a play for him though.

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Young has the talent to be a big time player but he also has the mental make up to be a big time head ache.

If the reports are true of him running the wrong route and lining up wrong on purpose then the only way he plays every game at the GA dome is if he buys a ticket.

It would be worth a few phone calls to see how legit those reports are though.

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