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Seriously, Enough Already


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Yeah I know, TATF. First Obama now Costas " football too dangerous need

to change it more" wtf just make it flag football....Why is it these

Libs are always sticking their nose in everything ??? Oh, too many lawsuits ?

Need more rules?

Really? " I have been flying around smashing into everyone since pop warner

no one told me I would get hit in the NFL " Im suing.I was mislead, they made me do it.....

You cant hit above the head, you cant use your head, you cant touch a reciever, no horse collars, dont even touch a qb or its 15 yds and on and on.

What more can they do other than ban hitting and tackling.

You have players walking around for a month seeing triple and they dont tell anyone about it , they want the check , they have pride , they dont want to let their team down, they are too dumb, who knows ? how do you control that ?

You fine or suspend the offenders and the Union steps in with a pile of

Lawyers..." you cant do that "

The game is being destroyed as we know it right before our eyes.

I expect to get torched so have at it

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I'm not sure how liberals are to blame for a bunch of billionaire old white men trying to protect themselves from player lawsuits, but please, explain it to all of us.

"billionaire old WHITE men" bring in the race card and the name calling, so typical

No need to explain anything , you just did.

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Junior Seau is a shell of what he once was.


Yep. The game, left unchecked, is literally killing people and football fans are outraged over how they're taking the fun out of it. The "fun" is literally killing people. People fail to realize that it evolved to the point that it is right now. Players are bigger, faster, stronger, and capable of inflicting bodily harm on a level not possible before. Darryl Stingley asked for it, by the way.

I am amazed that nobody is crying about the fact that they call facemasking, chop blocking, and clipping. I mean, it's just football, right? Who gives a d*mn if somebody breaks a neck or tears knee ligaments? Get rid of all safety rules and let those who play it do so at their own risk. SMH.

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