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Tyrod Taylor>>>>Dan Marino

Flip Wilson

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The Super Bowl is just a nice ring on Flaccos finger. Without it he was still better than Ryan. Because that's what you are really posting about.


Flacco had a great postseason but dude did you see the catches Anquan Bolden and Torrey Smith were making? Do we have a Ray Lewis, T.Suggs, Ngata, or Ed Reed on defense? Do we have a Jacoby Jones returning kicks? Flacco was playing on a more complete team. Matt still put up better numbers than Flacco all year long. Matt threw for more yards and touchdowns with a better completion percentage.

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There is no common ground I see. Why are our fans jealous of Flacco. He has a post season we can only hope out of Ryan. Ryan has had regular season success but Flacco outperformed him playoffs and got a Super Bowl MVP to boot, So lets see

Take the QB that has regular season success and better stats but under performs in playoffs and is 1-4 in post season


Take the QB that has had regular season success/ not as impressive stats but performs in playoffs and just had a incredible post season run which landed him a Super Bowl and a Super MVP


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