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49Ers Got Screwed Like We Did


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4th down, need a touchdown, refs completely miss an obvious defensive holding call.


Only problem is I'm gonna have to put up with these morons who think a teams success relies solely on the QB without taking into account an offensive line, running gain, defense, and luck (what every team needs to win a Super Bowl) ala Flacco vs Ryan.

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That was definitely illegal contact at the very least. I loved seeing Harbaugh throwing a temper tantrum about a 'holding' call. Same thing happened to Roddey White on 4th down against us. No call was total BS. At first I thought it was a good no-call, but after watching it over several times, it was definitely PI.




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9ers fans are worse than Saints fans. At least Saints fans shut up when their team is awful. The 9ers are the most arrogant, snobby and self-righteous fans I have ever come across. The trolls, at least.

Really? Dude, Saints fans have been trolling us all year and they've sucked hard this season. I just responded to one in another thread.

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